Mensen op de vlucht protesteren op Lesbos na de brand in kamp Moria in 2020.

Protecting refugees

People who flee from violence often have to leave everything behind. With few belongings, financial resources and contacts, they try to survive in a new environment that is often torn apart by conflict. Dangers such as persecution, exploitation, sexual violence and poor access to any kind of assistance are a constant threat. And then there are also many invisible and hidden threats such as landmines. People are often unsafe for years to come even when the conflict is over and they return home.

Portretfoto van moeder met dochter in Syrië

How we help:

  • Protection of women against sexual violence
  • Protection of children against exploitaion
  • De-mining of areas and education about explosive ordnance risk education
  • Legal support
  • Humanitarian access trough our Project Frontline
  • Shelter and ‘safe spaces’ for vulnarable groups
  • Education
Stichting Vluchteling