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What we stand for

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The Netherlands Refugee Foundation provides life-saving assistance to people who are victims of conflict, violence or natural disasters. As an extension of this, we support communities in finding structural solutions that enables them to return home, become self-reliant and seek out their own futures. Our assistance focuses on refugees, displaced people and returnees. We provide assistance regardless of religion, political views, ethnicity, nationality, gender and sexual orientation.


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The Netherlands Refugee Foundation accomplishes its mission by providing emergency assistance to refugees and displaced persons in crises around the world.

The Netherlands Refugee Foundation is impartial and independent and provides aid based on its own assessment of needs and available capacity. In doing so, we pay particular attention to refugees and displaced persons who are difficult to reach or who receive little attention.

The Netherlands Refugee Foundation works in partnership with several carefully chosen, international and local, implementing organisations. Support for our partners doesn’t stop at financing and monitoring projects. We help find solutions for complex problems faced in the most difficult of circumstances. We leverage operational expertise, networks and experience in the field to help find and implement find innovative solutions.

In this context, in the coming years we will focus on the treatment of chronic diseases in crisis situations, strengthening local emergency response capacity and improving access to conflict areas.

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Core values

The Netherlands Refugee Foundation takes the individual human being, and thus the human dimension, as its starting point at all times. We ensure that the interests of refugees and displaced persons come first at all times. In our communications people are presented with dignity and respect for the individual.

The Netherlands Refugee Foundation is steadfast, innovative, flexible and responds quickly to humanitarian crises; we encourage innovation and are open to special initiatives that do not fit neatly within the status quo. We value openness and critical thinking as the foundation of an organization that seeks to continually learn and improve.

The Netherlands Refugee Foundation often works in challenging circumstances and takes security very seriously. We are particularly vigilant in protecting those seeking refuge from all forms of (sexual) exploitation and abuse. Employees can expect a safe working environment in which they are heard, feel welcome and are treated with integrity.

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Annual plan 2024

The annual plan provides an overview of the strategic plans, risks, and main objectives from the Netherlands Refugee Foundation for the year 2024.

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Strategic plan 2020 – 2024

This strategic multiyear plan explains the mission and vision of the Netherlands Refugee Foundation and describes the strategic choices, goals, and priorities of our work.

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