Groep mensen staat bij jerrycans die worden volgeladen met water

About us

The Refugee Foundation was founded in 1976 to help refugees and displaced persons who are in acute need, anywhere in the world. We provide life-saving assistance to people who are victims of conflict, violence, or natural disasters.

In Nigeria wordt noodhulppakketten uitgedeeld om vluchtelingen te helpen

How we work

Aid is increasingly provided by our local partners. In many places, even in the most complex emergency situations in the world, local organisations are the most effective and efficient ways to deliver aid.
Local partner organizations are often better positioned to provide assistance to people who are difficult to reach. They also know the environment, speak the language, understand the needs better and can better match the help. The Refugee Foundations helps to unlock local potential and deliver aid tailored to local needs and circumstances.

Stichting Vluchteling