Mensen op de vlucht ontvangen noodvoeding in Kenia.


Our fight against malnutrition

Right now, there is a hunger pandemic. Worldwide, someone dies every 4 seconds from malnutrition. People in conflict areas are particularly hard hit. Poverty, conflict, and climate change have left millions of people with limited or no access to food. In addition to life-threatening, hunger weakens people, making them more susceptible to disease. Infants are especially vulnerable. Malnutrition can permanently affect their development.

Kind op de vlucht in Jemen ontvangt noodvoedingsbehandeling, wordt opgemeten en gezondheid wordt gecontroleerd.
© S. Hayyan / IRC

How we help:

  • Acute malnutrition treatment
  • Therapeutic food, such as Plumpy’Nut
  • Food packages
  • Food vouchers and cash assistance
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