Foto van een groep vluchtelingen uit Soedan die neergestreken zijn in Tsjaad


Refugees are increasingly marginalised, silenced and often fall victim to human rights violations by non-state and state actors. We are often compelled to call out abuses and disregard for international law through our campaigning and advocacy work. We also work with interest groups and provide support wherever we can to ensure refugees have a voice.

Beeld bij gelijke nood campagne

The same needs

Worldwide, millions of people are on the run. However, not every refugee is received with an equally warm welcome. With a special campaign we wanted to send a clear message to the Dutch audience: Ukraine, Syria, Yemen. Wherever you come from; every refugee should be protected and helped.

Donate a square centimeter. At 1030 cm² we get this advertisement in a national newspaper. Nearly 3,000 people contributed to a special ad we put on April 8, 2022 published in Algemeen Dagblad, de Volkskrant, Trouw and Parool.

protest binnenhof 500 asielkinderen uit Griekenland opnemen

500 children

In collaboration with VluchtelingenWerk Nederland and Defence for Children, the #500kinderen campaign was launched begin 2020. We called on the Dutch government to take in 500 underage refugees in the Netherlands, in response to a request from the Greek government.

The petition to call on mayors to receive unaccompanied refugee children and to offer them a safe place in the Netherlands has generated more than 21,000 signatures. More than half of all municipalities in the Netherlands indicated that they wanted this.

Man staat achter hek met ijzerdraad
© Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto

Border Reached!

Director Tineke Ceelen and human rights expert Eduard Nazarski traveled to various areas along Europe’s borders. They draw attention to the situation of refugees at the borders and enter discussions with politicians and policymakers to improve their situation.

In De Nieuws BV they talk about what they see, who they meet and where they have been. In 2022 they will reach an audience of millions with their radio reports about Belarus, Poland, Greece, Italy (Lampedusa), Bosnia, Tunisia, Hungary, and Serbia.

Beeld bij kies partij campagne

Choose a Side (Kies Partij)

Would you like to know what political parties think about refugees, migration, and international solidarity? In the run-up to the elections to the House of Representatives, we made an analysis of the various election programs and called on the voter to take sides with the refugees.

In 2021, we paid attention to the elections to the House of Representatives through the Kies Partij campaign. We ask that humanity be considered when standing in the voting booth.

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